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ALONE is a reality series about 10 trained survivalists from across the country who go out into the wilderness to see if they can outlast each other to win $500,000. With only their clothing and a kit of 10 items, each man is dropped off somewhere on Northern Vancouver Island. Without a film crew, each must self-document his experience with the help of motion-activated cameras and personal recording devices while living in complete isolation. From trying to build a fire in the wet forest to keeping safe from bears, cougars, and wolves, each man tests his mental and physical strength in hopes of lasting longer than the others. The contestant who remains in the wild the longest wins the cash prize.

Documentary Realty-Tv

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Season 3
Season 2
S2 Episode 7: Trial By Fire 2016-06-14 14:37:20
S2 Episode 6: Adrift 2016-06-14 14:36:59
S2 Episode 5: Storm Rising 2016-05-21 04:04:38
S2 Episode 4: Hunger’s Grip 2016-05-14 10:25:31
S2 Episode 3: The Beasts of Night 2016-05-14 10:25:42
S2 Episode 2: The Knife’s Edge 2016-04-30 10:13:00
S2 Episode 1: Once More Unto the Breach 2016-04-23 04:42:29
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